Ceramic Artist

Liz Berry is a professional graphic designer and artist with 30 years’ experience working with a variety of creative formats including acrylics, watercolour, ceramics and digital design.

Liz attended art college in London, originally studying fashion and various other design forms including graphic design, leading to an early career in London’s advertising industry.

By 1990 Liz had moved to Australia exploring the creative art scenes in Sydney and Melbourne. but she was to eventually find herself in Perth, where she has continued her creative endeavours as well as running her own design consulting business.

Over the years, Liz has experimented with various art mediums. Many of her early works were acrylic and watercolour paintings. However, over the last few years Liz has developed an interest in ceramics and her love of ancient Chinese and Greek pottery. Her mother was a potter, so she has always been curious about ‘having a go’.

“A few years ago I bought an old potter’s wheel at a garage sale. I took some lessons with Greg Crowe, a well-known Australian potter, and I was hooked immediately,”

Her passion for ancient Chinese, Greek and Egyptian style pottery has led her to experiment with different clays and glazes to achieve an effect of old treasures.

Liz’s ceramics collection include wheel-thrown stoneware, using latex resist for decoration taken from ancient times and incorporating colours, tones and textures, brought about through experimentation with glazing and chemical reactions.

Liz in studio.jpg